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Going Solo (upgrade)

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Travelling on your own for surgery?


Preparing for surgery on your own doesn't have to be overwhelming.  We make it so much easier for you to recover from your surgery when you are traveling solo with our Going Solo Package.  

In this package you will receive our best selling Mummy Makeover Recovery Pack, full of all the essentials to get you through those first crucial days and weeks post surgery, as well as our Patient Concierge for hospital discharge service.  Did you know that you will need to have someone with you when you leave the hospital following your surgery?  Our Patient Concierge will support you through this important time.  We will meet you in recovery and go through your discharge with the nurses before escorting you back to your accommodation (in our private transport) where we will set your room up for maximum comfort so that you can rest easy and enjoy your smooth recovery.  When you are ready to be left on your own, we will then take your post op medication scripts and have them filled at the local pharmacy.  We are also happy to pick up any food or drink requirements you may have.  Your Patient Concierge is allocated to you for three hours.  You are welcome to request additional time and can do this via this link.  

More information on our other Patient Concierge services is available here.

In the Going Solo (upgrade) package we will include our Mummy Makeover Recovery Pack will be sent to your accommodation and will be ready for you when you check in.  As part of this package, we will also liaise with your accommodation and ensure that you have enough pillows available to you.  You will be able to use the pillows included in your recovery pack, together with additional pillows provided by your hotel to create the perfect pillow fort for your ultimate smooth recovery.

Should you wish to look into accommodation with one of our partner hotels, please send us through an email.  We have corporate rates at three major hotels in Bondi - The Quest, the Meriton in Bondi Junction and the QT in Bondi Beach. and the Oaks Apartments in Melbourne, Darling Harbour, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.