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You deserve the very best
Pure You are passionate about our clients' having access to fully accredited Australian plastic surgeons which is why we are honoured to partner with some of our county's best.  We strongly believe that in a world where social media takes over and influencers' voices are getting louder, education is key to finding a qualified surgeon to perform the surgery you are seeking.   
All of our partner surgeons are members of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and of course are all fully accredited with the FRACS (Plas) titles.  

Dr Michael Miroshnik 
Pure You with Dr Miroshnik

Heidi Owen (Pure You Founder) often observes Dr Michael Miroshnik in theatre.

"Over the last 10 years of private practice, Dr Miroshnik has become widely recognised both Australia-wide and overseas. His reputation as a perfectionist, industry as well as thought-leader have earned him international respect as a key opinion leader amongst both patients and peers. As a result, he is one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in Australasia today."

Pure You are excited to partner with Dr Miroshnik and his team.  Over the last two years we have supported thousands of his patients through recovery services, accommodation packages, aftercare and online support.  We work closely with Dr Miroshnik to provide a consistent and seamless recovery message.

Dr Shahram Shahidi

 Lena Bazzi (Pure You Patient Concierge) with Dr Shahidi at Lakeside Private Hospital

"Dr Shahidi is an Australian trained and qualified Specialist Surgeon in Ear, Nose & Throat Head and Neck surgery . He has received the highest qualification awarded to Australian Surgeons – FRACS. Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, in recognition of his intense academic and advanced surgical training being fulfilled. He is also a member of the Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. His primary interest and area of expertise is Rhinoplasty Surgery. Dr Shahidi treats all aspects of nasal and sinus pathology and disease."

Partnering with Dr Shahidi and his team has allowed us a fabulous insight in to rhinoplasty surgery and recovery.  We have supported many of his patients and are humbled to be called "Our Recovery Friends" by Dr Shahidi and his team.  We value this partnership and work closely to provide their patients with the very best of care.

Dr Rohit Kumar - Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary

 Pure You & Dr Kumar at ASAPS2019

Lena Bazzi (Pure You Patient Concierge) and Heidi Owen (Pure You Founder) with Dr Rohit Kumar at the ASAPS2019 conference in Brisbane. 

"Known for his warm and inviting manner, Dr Rohit Kumar believes that “communication is the key to great results” and his patients can be comfortable in the knowledge that he will answer all their questions and alleviate all their concerns before embarking on their surgical journey.  Dr Kumar is a firm believer in providing as natural a look as possible for his patients. His procedures are always designed to provide maximum appeal and beauty and he always aims to achieve this using the most subtle and state of the art techniques as possible."

The team at Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary (SCS), headed by Dr Rohit Kumar have been Pure You partners since March 2019.  Dr Kumar provides a tailored post operative recovery pack to his patients, curated in partnership with Pure You.  We love working together with great surgeons to ensure a seamless and consistent approach to recovery for the patient.  Together, we achieve this for SCS patients.

Dr Richard Bloom & Dr Kim Taylor - Re. Plastic Surgery  
The Pure You Team at Re.Plastic Surgery | Pure You Partner Surgeons

Heidi Owen (Pure You Founder), Lena Bazzi & Bianca Bastoni (Pure You Patient Concierges) at Re. Plastic Surgery.

Dr Richard Bloom

“Everyone has the right to make informed choices about their body.”

"Richard is a vastly experienced Plastic Surgeon who has performed over 4000 cosmetic Breast and Tummy procedures.

He has an unwavering belief every person has the right to make informed choices for their body. As a result, he creates a consultative environment where patients feel secure and confident to discuss their goals, their hopes and their fears. This personal approach to each client means he is best able to help shape their expectations and recommend the most suitable procedure or treatment for their particular needs. This not only helps Richard truly understand their needs, it sets him apart in this highly specialised industry.

Dr Kim Taylor

“I love helping women see the potential in their bodies, and helping them achieve the results they desire.”

Kim is a highly awarded surgeon.
She has forged a wonderfully accomplished and highly decorated career in plastic and reconstructive surgery. This includes an impressive array of awards, foreign scholarships, inductions, fellowships and presentations.  Her main areas of expertise are in breast and body plastic surgery. She strongly believes in establishing a strong relationship with her patients, spending the time to listen and focus on their goals to ultimately achieve the results they desire."

Partnering with Re. Plastic Surgery is Pure You's launch in to Melbourne.  We are passionate about supporting patients' recovery and together with Dr Bloom and Dr Taylor, we are positioned well to achieve this.  Our Melbourne based Patient Concierge is a previous (two surgeries) patient of Dr Bloom's and since coming on board as our Patient Concierge has observed a couple of surgeries with him.  We are very excited to pair with such fantastic Melbourne surgeons who are as passionate about a smooth recovery as we are.