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Pure You Mummy Makeover Recovery Pack

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This pack has all the essential items to make your recovery smooth and enjoyable. You can be sure that you will have all of the necessities needed to recover from your surgery, as well as a few little extras that will make you feel special.


There are some absolute functional necessities, like the pillows, foot stool and shower chair as well some surgical recovery godsends like ice packs, heat packs and stool softener and of course you will also feel like you are being pampered throughout your recovery with all the other items this pack includes.  If you are having an abdominoplasty on its own, we will swap out the ice packs for a magazine.

The Pure You Mummy Makeover Recovery Pack includes;
4 x Ice Packs 
1 x boomerang pillow
1 x Fem Wipes
1 x nourishing oil or scrub
1 x stool softener (Movicol)
1 x 5g tube of Strataderm
1 x travel neck pillow
1 x tummy moisturiser 
1 x shower chair
1 x foot stool
1 x Pure You Nourish Pack
1 x Magazine
and so much more


To ensure you are feeling pampered during your recovery, your Recovery Concierge will also add in a few extras that you may have never thought of.  This Pack is full of items you just didn't know you needed until you'll need them. It's not like you have done this before, right!  Well we have, so you don't have to find out during your recovery, we will have packed it for you so that all you need to do is relax recover and enjoy the new, pure you.


All items will be delivered directly to your home or hotel room.  If you need to have your pack shipped via Express, please note that the dry shampoo will be replaced with a non-aerosol version and the shower chair will be shipped separately, and by road.
Photos are indicative only as actual products and/or brands may change.
Your shower chair is likely to be shipped separately.   You will receive two tracking numbers of it does.  


Should you wish to have your Pack delivered to someone else, an alternative address (including a hotel) or by a specific date, please use the space provided in checkout to advise the details.


We can work with you to tailor a Pack specifically to your needs, send us a message with what you are looking for and we will curate something special just for you.