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Your Pure You Recovery Partners | Pure You Concierge

We are your passionate team of Recovery Partners. We are with you every step of the way.  We are here to support you and to ensure your smooth recovery.


Lena - Your Pure You Patient Concierge
Lena Bazzi - Patient Concierge Sydney

"Lena is amazing!"  That is what you will hear every client who has had an interaction with her say.  Lena has been hand selected as our premier Patient Concierge™ in Sydney because she is kind, compassionate and absolutely loves what she does. 

Lena is a previous patient of Dr Miroshnik as well as Dr Shahidi.  She is passionate about ensuring our clients are prepared for their smooth recovery and has even been known to make them sandwiches! 

Caring for our clients is Lena's number one priority.  She will ensure you relax, recover and enjoy the new, pure you.



Melbourne's Patient Concierge - Bianca | Pure You

 Bianca Bastoni - Patient Concierge Melbourne

Bianca's passion for providing support, encouragement and guidance is next level. She is gentle and caring and being a recent mummy makeover patient herself, Bianca has first hand experience in recovery from such a big surgery herself. You can currently find her offering other patients, from all around the globe, post op recovery support via her Instagram account @mummymakeoverbydrbloom where she has documented her experiences with her surgeon Dr Richard Bloom from @re.plasticsurgery and gives a wonderful insight into her recovery. 

Bianca is available for all our patient concierge duties from hospital discharge support, in room recovery support and even airport support should you be travelling to Melbourne for your surgery and unable to get yourself and your luggage to the airport.



Concierge Director Heidi Owen


Heidi Owen - Concierge Director (Brisbane, the Gold Coast & Sydney)

I am passionate about making sure others feel prepared, relaxed and informed about their upcoming surgery. Having been a travelling patient on more than one occasion myself, I understand first-hand the stress and anxiety that comes with an upcoming procedure.

How will I know what I will need to recover, when I’ve never done this before? Who can support me along the way? How can I connect with like-minded people to ask questions about my recovery? These are the questions, and many more, that I had in the lead up to my surgery.  As your Recovery Partner, I will ensure you have all the answers you need can connect you to others who are embarking on their plastic surgery journey also.   You can rely on me as your 'virtual hand-holder'.

Why trust me as Your Recovery Partner?

  • As a previous travelling patient myself, I will provide you with a proactive approach to your recovery.  I have observed close to ten surgeries and have been given an insight in to why certain recovery techniques are not only super helpful but also very necessary.

  • My passion is to see you recover as comfortably as possible.

  • I strongly believe that preparing for and recovering from surgery should be an exciting time, not one full of planning and stress.

  • I have spent close to three years supporting the plastic surgery experiences of others.

I created Pure You in March 2017 after travelling from Brisbane to Sydney to see Dr Michael Miroshnik for two separate surgeries.  Travelling for surgery is overwhelming, there is no doubt about that.  Throughout my own personal experiences and in consulting with other travelling patients, I have created a business that is aimed to provide all of my clients with a service that supports them during their planning and recovery of surgery, with the focus being on what’s important: relax, recover and enjoy the upcoming new, pure you.
I am excited that you have given me and my team the opportunity to become your Recovery Partners.

Heidi Owen | Concierge Director | Pure You


Pure You - Your Recovery Partner™