About Us

Pure You Recovery in Bed 

Pure You is the first Australian company to offer a personal Concierge Service for plastic surgery patients visiting Australian surgeons.
We allow you to focus on your recovery by ensuring you are able to relax, recover and enjoy the new, pure you while we take care of everything for you.
We are committed to providing our Clients with a premium recovery service and offer Recovery Packs and Concierge Services that can be tailored to suit your surgery.
We take the anxiety out of preparing for and recovering from surgery with top Australian Plastic Surgeons.

Pure You was launched in December 2017 and has established a successful reputation among some of the best surgeons in Australia.   Plastic surgery is an exciting time.  Engaging with Pure You will ensure you are able to relax, recover and enjoy, while we take care of the rest. Travelling away from your home and loved ones can be overwhelming, which is why we have designed a program that will provide you with the support that you need while you are recovering. Your Pure You Concierge is only ever a phone call, message or email away, and is there to help make your recovery more comfortable.

Whether you are travelling from interstate or overseas, you can connect with Pure You to become your Recovery Partner. Your concierge service begins the moment you book your surgery, leaving you free to get excited about the upcoming new, pure you.

Pure You offers clients pre and post-operative care services via tailored, personal packages. As a client of Pure You, you will be provided with your own Recovery Pack when you arrive at your accommodation, eliminating the last-minute running around. We will have it all available for you, from basic items like ice packs and pillows, to items you may not have even thought you would need. We will also liaise with your accommodation to ensure your arrival after surgery is a breeze, with all your essential items ready and waiting for you and your room set up for your maximum comfort.

Our Concierge services are designed to suit each procedure, and can be tailored with what you find important to your recovery. These packages can include travel and accommodation bookings, transfers, beauty appointments and any other luxury post-operative services you require. You might like to enjoy the luxury of an in-room hair wash, meal deliveries, manicures or even a massage. You might want us to find you the closest juice bar or burger restaurant, or may require a chair to assist you in the shower after an abdominoplasty. All of this can be arranged by your Pure You Concierge.

Did you know that your hospital will not discharge you unless you have somebody with you to take you home?
Travelling alone for surgery can not only be overwhelming, it also means that you need to find someone to discharge you after your surgery. As you have just had a general anaesthetic, the hospital has a duty of care to ensure that you leave safely and this means discharging you to a responsible adult. If you are in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or the Gold Coast and require somebody to be with you when you are discharged, Pure You can offer you a Patient Concierge service. All of our Patient Concierges are also post-surgical patients themselves, so they are well equipped to understand the type of care and attention you will need to get safely back to your home or hotel and set up for the recovery ahead. They also work very closely with some of Australia's top Specialist Plastic Surgeons, so are at the forefront of specialised recovery techniques.

If you require a service outside our defined packages in our Concierge Services menu, please get in touch via email, or sending us a message below. Whether you are looking for someone to collect you from the hospital or someone to visit you in the first few days post op, we are happy to work with you to tailor a solution that meets all of your needs.

If you are a surgeon or work in a clinic and are interested in partnering with Pure You to provide recovery pack solutions or post-operative support services for your patients, we would love to hear from you.  Visit this page for more information.

To order our brochures for your clinic, please email Heidi.  Our brochures are below;

We look forward to being your Recovery Partners.