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Here at Pure You, we are committed to providing our Clients with a unique and personal recovery service. With one of our tailored packages, you can rest easy knowing that your surgery preparation will be effortless and your recovery will be as smooth as possible.

We want you to relax, recover and enjoy the new, pure you, while we take care of everything for you.  We have thought of everything to ensure your experience is smooth, relaxing and stress free. It’s our passion to make our Clients feel pampered while they embark upon their surgery journey.   

We can support you in many ways; from recovery packs, accommodation packages, patient concierge services and aftercare.   Pure You are passionate about ensuring your smooth recovery.

Wondering what to buy for your recovery and have no clue where to start?
By ordering one of our Recovery Packs, you can rest assured knowing you have all those essential recovery items without having to do the running around yourself.  We will deliver your Recovery Pack to your home or your hotel so that you have it in time for your big day.  

Travelling on your own for surgery and need somebody to assist you?
You will be required to have someone with you when you are discharged from hospital, you will not be able to leave on your own. Your Patient Concierge will escort you comfortably to your home or hotel after your surgery.  This service is available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and on the Gold Coast.

​Struggling to wash your hair in the days after your surgery?
We all love that feeling of silky, clean hair. We will organise a hairdresser for you, so that you feel fresh without impacting your recovery.  They will come to your home or hotel and gently wash and blow dry your hair, leaving you feeling fresh.

​Feel like something refreshing for breakfast to help cleanse your body?
With our long stay concierge service, we will organise food deliveries for you, so that you can enjoy great food from the moment you wake up.

​Do you need someone to lean on through your recovery process, someone else who has been through it and can provide you support and guidance?
Our Recovery Concierges have all had similar surgery themselves.  They have a deep understanding of the support required. You can rest assured knowing that there is someone to talk to, every step of the way.

​Pure You offers a range of options that you can choose from to suit your recovery needs.  The only thing you need to do is decide on is what is important to you.  Visit our Concierge Services menu to find the service most suited to you.  If you are looking to access our exclusive Meriton rate and our Recovery Packs, without the additional post operative beauty inclusions, you might be interested in one of our Accommodation Packages.   If you don't see a package that suits you, contact us and we can tailor a package specifically for your situation. 

If you have already organised your accommodation, or are not travelling for surgery, you will still benefit from having one of our Recovery Packs delivered to you.  This will save you from buying all the recovery items yourself, you can simply relax, recover and enjoy the new, pure you.   Visit our Recovery Packs menu to see which Pack will suit you.  You are also welcome to gift one of our Packs to a family member or friend who is having surgery soon.  

If you would like some assistance to decide which Pack is right for you, contact us and we will be more than happy to help.  In the meantime, you can use the below as a guide.


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