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Pure You Patient Concierge: Expert Care for Solo Surgery Travelers

Our experienced Concierges, who have undergone plastic surgery themselves or have extensive industry knowledge, provide discreet and supportive care in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Melbourne.

They work closely with top plastic surgeons to ensure the best possible recovery.  Just like your favourite sister, with warmth and encouragement, our Concierges offer personalized support, including:

  • Hospital discharge assistance
  • Recovery support
  • Airport drop-off
  • Long-stay services
  • Grocery collection
  • Or, we can tailor a package to meet your specific needs.

Focus on your recovery while we take care of the rest.

Patient Concierge - Hospital Discharge (up to 3 hours)
As you prepare to leave the hospital after surgery, remember that you'll need a companion to accompany you during discharge.  Our Patient Concierge will be notified once you're ready to leave (typically 1-2 hours after surgery) and will take care of everything you need. 

Our Concierge will:
- Collect your post-operative instructions and medication from the hospital nurses
- Escort you to your home or hotel
- Ensure your recovery space is comfortable and well-set up
- Fill your prescriptions and collect groceries if needed

Our Concierges are booked for a minimum of 3 hours, with additional time available at $100 per hour (payable in advance).

Please note that you will be responsible for any incidentals such as parking, pharmacy costs, and groceries.

While our Concierges are not nurses, they have experienced similar surgeries and are dedicated to making your recovery as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

If you require nursing care, we can arrange this for you - please contact us for a quote.  If you are having multiple areas of liposuction, we encourage you to seek the services of a nurse who can stay with you for long periods.  

We're here to support you throughout your recovery. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Patient Concierge - short (up to 2 hours)
Our Short Patient Concierge will be called by your hospital when you're ready for discharge.  We will pick you up and take you to your home or hotel, within 45 minutes drive.  You must have someone at home with you who is able to collect your hospital scripts.  If you don't have anyone at home and require your post op medications to be collected, you will need to book our Patient Concierge - hospital discharge (up to 3 hours). 

Patient Concierge - Long Stay (up to 24 hours)
Our Long Stay Patient Concierge will be called by your hospital once you are ready to be discharged.  This is usually around 1-2 hours after your surgery.  They will escort you back to your home or hotel via their private transport.  Your Concierge will see that you are set up in your room for maximum comfort by ensuring your 'recovery' space is conducive to your wellbeing. 

You will have your Long Stay Patient Concierge from the moment they are called by the hospital until 9am the following day. You may like to utilise your Concierge to fill your scripts at the local chemist or to collect a few items from the grocery store for you.  Our Concierges are only too happy to help ensure that you are free to relax, recover and enjoy the new, pure you in any way they can.  She may even make your dinner or breakfast, whatever it takes to make you more comfortable.


Your smooth recovery is our number one priority.  If you are travelling on your own for surgery, the last thing we want you to feel is anxious.  We will take care of you from the moment we meet you at the hospital until you are confident to be on your own.  When you book one of our Long Stay Patient Concierges, you will have access to your Concierge from the time you are discharged from your hospital until 9am the following day.   

Recovery Concierge
Our Pure You Recovery Concierge is available in three options:
  • Hospital Recovery Concierge - where we will come to the hospital after your surgery and will sit with you in recovery. This service may be important to you if you are travelling on your own and would like to feel supported by somebody who can be by your side. If you are being admitted to hospital for the night following your surgery, you may wish to have a recovery concierge to accompany you to the ward or perhaps visit you during your hospital stay. Our Recovery Concierge will be called by your hospital once you are in stage 2 recovery. This is usually around 30 minutes after your surgery and they will stay with you for an hour.
  • Follow Up Concierge - This option is great if you would like us to visit you in the days following your surgery.  If you are travelling on your own for surgery or just wish to remain discreet with family and friends about your surgery you can utilise our Follow Up Concierge.  You might want someone to visit your home or hotel in the days following your surgery to 'check in on you' or bring you some groceries, shopping more medications etc.  This is a perfect solution for you.  This service is for an hour.  If you would like longer, you are welcome to book additional time or utilise our next service - the extended follow up.
  • Extended 'Follow Up' service is booked for two hours. This service can be used for escorting you to your surgical follow up appointments and includes travel to and from your hotel (or home if local).

Should your allocated time exceed the purchased time limit on the day of discharge, Pure You will invoice you for the pro rata time used.

Airport Concierge
Don't struggle through the airport with your luggage after your surgery, let our Airport Concierge do all the pulling, pushing and lifting for you so that you are not jeopardising your smooth recovery. 

Our concierge will pick you up from your accommodation and drive you to the airport and ensure your bags are checked in for you. Your Airport Concierge will see you all the way to your gate, should you require the additional support too.   We will support you for up to an hour.  Should your plane be delayed or your check in process delayed, you will be invoiced for the pro rate amount of time used.

It is really important in the first few days and weeks of recovery that you limit the amount of lifting, reaching and pulling that you do. Our Concierge will take care of all of that for you. You will not have to worry about affecting your recovery by lifting and pulling suitcases around the airport.

The cost of our Airport Concierge includes up to 30 minutes of car parking. Should you require your Concierge for a longer period, the additional car parking fees will be invoiced to you.


Pure You - Your Plastic Surgery Recovery Partner
Please use the space provided in checkout to advise your required service date/s.  We will be in touch as quickly as possible with what happens next and to introduce you to your Pure You­ Concierge. 

Parking and tolls uses whilst supporting you are additional to these costs.   These may be pre paid, or will be invoiced to you.   Invoicing will incur a 2% surcharge. 


You may also wish to select a Pure You­ Patient Concierge for an alternative length of time, please send us a message or email us with the details and we will get back to you promptly with a tailored package solution.


When making a booking via email, a $75 booking fee is charged at the time to secure your dates, with the balance required two weeks prior to your date.  This fee is non refundable should you need to cancel your booking.

When booking directly via our website through selecting one of the services above, a $75 booking fee will be deducted from your refund should you need to cancel  your booking.

Please  note, bookings cancelled within 24 hours of service are non refundable.

Please refer to our REFUNDS page for more information.  

Please note
We are no longer providing support at hospital discharge or post op massage appointments for post BBL or extreme liposuction patients.   We encourage you to seek the support of a nurse who can stay with you for up to 48 hours.