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Partner with Pure You

Here at Pure You, we are passionate about ensuring that your patients recover comfortably, but more importantly, in accordance with your guidelines.  We are all too aware in the age of social media that your patients have access to a lot of mixed recovery advice.  When we partner with a surgeon and their patients, we curate a recovery solution specifically for you.

What we offer you & your patients

  • We offer you a seamless recovery process for each of your patients.
  • We provide a recovery pack specifically designed for your patient's procedure and curated as a partnership between Pure You and you, the surgeon.
  • We support your solo patients, providing them with hospital discharge support, follow up consult support and even in-home visits.
  • We offer your patient direct ongoing support via email, social media, and phone.

If you would like to join our partner network, please get in touch by submitting the contact form below, or reaching out to Heidi directly via email or phone.

Heidi @ Pure You | Partner Network