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Tailored Recovery Pack

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Maybe you want to swap out some of the items in our standard recovery packs for something else.
Are you having a surgery that is not listed in our recovery packs offering?
Do you know someone who is having surgery and you'd like to put something personal together for them?

Our Tailored recovery packs are your solution.

Choose from the list of budgets from the drop down menu and we will create something to suit.  We will be in touch after your purchase to discuss your requirements.

Some packs previously purchased were for BBLs, contouring liposuction, facelift, blepharoplasty, ear reconstruction, double mastectomy, explant surgery.  We have even created a recovery pack for a previous client who wanted to send her BFF a care package post broken leg surgery.

Shipping is usually free, unless your pack includes heavy items which require bulky shipping.  Cost will then be $25.

 The pictures used in this item are from previous packs created.  xo