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Pure You Pamper Package

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Relax.  Recover.  Enjoy.

Relax while you have your hair washed and dried by our caring hairdresser.

Recover with a massage to ease your aching muscles.

Enjoy a floral delivery on the day of your surgery.

Available in Sydney and Melbourne

Experience a hair wash and dry and a massage in the luxury of your own home (or hotel suite), leave all the organising to us.  The only thing left for you to do is to relax, recover and enjoy the new, pure you.

In the few days following your surgery, it is likely that you won't be able to wash and dry your hair due to being restricted either by your arm movement, or the possibility that you are not able to shower properly for the first week following your surgery.  

Our gentle and caring hairdresser will come to you, set up their mobile station in the comfort of your own space and leave you feeling not only clean and fresh, but super relaxed.

Our massage therapist will set up their station in the comfort of your own suite.  We will have liaised with them to advise that you will not be able to be placed in the usual position for your massage.  Our therapist will give you an in house relaxation or lymphatic drainage massage (depending on your selection) that by about day three post op, you will be so ready for.  It's usually by this time you will likely find that your upper body and lower back are sore and stiff and/or bloating has become very uncomfortable.  Your massage will last for an hour.

Generally your hair appointment will be booked for day 2 or 3 post op.  Your massage will be booked on either day 3 or 4 post op or whenever you request it, subject to availability.  

As part of our Pure You Pamper Package, you will also receive a floral delivery to your suite on the day of your surgery.  There really is something to be said about coming back to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. 

You will receive confirmation of your appointment bookings at least one week prior to their dates.  Should the times not be suitable for you, we can work together to arrange something more convenient. 

Lymphatic Massage

If you select a lymphatic massage, we will book you with one of our highly recommended, post plastic surgery specialist therapists.   Contrary to popular belief, lymphatic massage is not invasive nor does it include hard pressure.  It is soft and gentle and performed to assist your bloating, swelling and recovery.   Swelling is part of your healing process.  When our bodies experience trauma, our cells begin the repairing stage immediately.  They release chemicals and white blood cells to start healing you right away.  This results in swelling.  Lymphatic massage, when performed correctly, releases this and allows you to start feeling relief immediately.

Please note - cancellation policies.

We totally understand that your post op self may be feeling a little sore or precious.  We allow changes or cancellations up to 48 hours before the start of your booking.  Should you request a change or cancellation after this time, we may not be able to guarantee a new booking for you.  In these cases, the hairdresser and the massage therapists will still receive their payment and your refund will not be able to be processed.