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Lavender Wheat Heat Pack

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Because lavender 💜

Our Pure You Heat Pack is filled with wheat and lavender flowers and has been handmade locally and lovingly.  One smell of these and you'll already feel relief.

Heat packs can be amazing during your recovery - they may help to soothe aches and pains and restore mobility in muscles. This can be great in the days following your surgery when you are stiff from minimal moving.

Our Pure You Heat Packs are hand made with love and come to you with healing vibes to set you on your smooth recovery.

The best part about our Pure You Heat Packs is that they contain dried lavender flowers and smell ah-mazing.



Place your Pure You Heat Pack in the microwave on it's own, ensuring it doesn't touch the sides. Start by heating it for 90 seconds and increase the time as it reaches suitable warmth. Test the warmth on your forearm first as your tolerance to heat can vary particularly, after surgery.


Do not over heat. Be careful to not place on sensitive skin as you may still be feeling numb after surgery.

Allow your heat pack to cool before reheating. When finished with it, store it in a cool and dry place. We suggest reheating it every few weeks to keep it fresh. Dispose of it when it becomes burnt or begins to smell (unlike lavender). The packs are designed for short use only.

For external use only. Not to be swallowed. 

If pain or discomfort continues, please see a medical professional.

Do not


Outer - 100% cotton.

Contents - 99% wheat, 1% lavender