Why you shouldn't worry about size!

Blog entry written by one of our beautiful clients after her stage two surgery with Dr Michael Miroshnik in August 2019. 

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I've been thinking a lot about this - my lift and reduction were hands down the best thing I ever did in my life.

My decision on whether or not to do stage 2 was difficult. I'll explain.

I've always had boobs - I'm short, 5ft on a good day, I'm petite - size 6. But since grade six I had a C cup that turned into a DD. But I never had shape. They were these big wide ugly boobs. I had to wear two or three bras when exercising and could never wear togs because I never felt covered enough.. not until maybe Jets brought out their first cup size togs.

It probably didn't help I grew up with a mother who believed bikinis were disgusting and a lady shouldn't show her boobs - you were a tart/show off if you did. So I've always had a bad relationship with my boobs.

My whole life I wanted nice perky boobs. So I always wanted a boob job. I think part of it made me think it might also help me to look more mature - I have a short girl complex (there I said it!).

So skip forward to 36 and 2 kids later where my breasts where no joke below the elbow crease I finally decided I was doing stage 1.

Ah-mazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing! He's a freaking wizard. The fact he's such a nice funny and good looking bloke didn't hurt either. (@drmiroshnik)

Now in what.. 30 years fashion changed.. when I grew up big boobs were cool... skip forward and let's be honest these days the "boy" look for girls is really where it's at.

So I get stage 1.. I still had maybe a small C cup - I had at least 100cc of real breast tissue left in. So not completely flat. But I started wearing everything. I had new confidence.

I also have to admit when I was younger I had an eating disorder so I never want to look fat .. it's the one thing that remains after recovering.. its a trigger for me that I want to avoid.

So when stage 2 came up - even DR M said he was 50/50 on if I should go ahead. He said of course he could make beautiful boobs for me.. but it would be more if I was happy. And what he meant was - is it really what I wanted.

I didn't know what I wanted - and it's only now, after my surgery that I realise what I did want and I wished I had really worked it out before.

I wanted shape. I wanted that roundness at the top a bit of differentiation between boob and chest at the top.. not fake looking but a bit of crisp roundness.

See the problem is I got so scared of big CC numbers - of looking "fat" - that I begged DrM to do the smallest possible implant. I begged him not to make me look fat, just to make me firmer and reduce my ski slope looking breasts.

But I think I should have decided - you either have no implant and live with what you got after stage 1.

Or you throw caution to the wind and do whatever implant will give you the shape. Don't go half way cause then you don't get either of the things.

So right now as much as I love my boobs.. I think I should have gone bigger to get that look or not gone ahead at all.

Going bigger doesn't always mean boob greed.. it could just be what you need to complete the outcome you want.

I had no idea going in that it comes down to body shape, muscle position, how much "meat" you already have, what shape your body naturally leans towards... so please girls.. I know I've been there - you want pictures you want to know what it could look like..

If Dr M thought it was that simple he would give us pictures but no two people will ever be the same.

So think long and hard about what you want - for us older ladies.. have a think about what you wanted when you first started think about boobs but also what you now wear/do/like. Don't fulfill a wish 20yr old you wanted, think about what you want now.

It's hard when your scared about surgery, about what they will be like. But honestly - there's no better man to be seeing, use your appointment well.. discuss what you hate in detail and what you'd like - let him tell you what's realistic, show pictures of the shape and size you think you want.. and then leave it to him.

DONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT SIZE HE CHOOSES! It doesn't matter - what matters is achieving your goal!

I hope this helps someone out there. I know I struggled a lot going in.. and you know what..if you hate them it's not much to get them out.. and no matter what he does.. it will always be better then what we have had anyway! So there's no losing! 😂

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