Stage two begins - a two stage mummy makeover experience part 5

Stage two begins | Pure You Recovery Talk
See you on the other side 
I am finally here, all drawn up & ready to go. No more planning or waiting.
In a few minutes I will walk through that door & will no longer have to live with this large protruding hernia, separated stretched out muscles & poor sagging wrinkly skin that makes me look fat & old. I will be free of this constant reminder that life has been tough.
My beautiful new breasts have made such a huge difference to my life & I am so ready for my tummy to be the same.

See you on the other side 😉💜⭐️

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On the other side | Pure You Recovery Talk
Off to a very good start
Waking up from anesthesia went even better than last time. I came out so gentle, like I’d just had the best sleep of my life, no aches, pains or sore throat & absolutely no nausea. Having the same anesthetist, nursing staff & Dr M all the same as the first time meant I drifted off calmer & therefore woke up calmer too. Well I think it made a difference for me.

It was so nice to see the same lovely nurse with the gorgeous Irish accent in recovery as last time. She remembered me & we had a funny little chat 💕

Dr M appeared by my bed to let me know how I went & he said I have a cute little belly button which I will love 😄🥰 Off to a very good start!  And then...
I’m not going to lie but the first 18 - 20 hours were rough & there were a few moments where I thought what the hell have you done to yourself.

I was very proud of myself that I didn’t need any Endone or Palexia at all because that stuff screws me up so bad. I did have that magic button though - Fentanyl. As I was nervous how I would go on that & really wanted to go as drug free as possible as recommended by Dr M & my Naturopath, I only pressed it when I was absolutely desperate. The anesthetist said I would respond really well to this drug as I don’t drink alcohol so I will find it more effective than someone who is used to that tipsy/drunk feeling.

To get through those first 18 hours I turned on my favourite playlist on my phone & left it playing all night long. It made a world of difference. Anytime I started to moan in discomfort (my body ached all over laying in bed not being able to move at all), I just tried to breathe, focus on the music & fake smile. Did you know that if you fake smile your body can’t tell the difference & responds as if you’re really smiling. It’s amazing how doing that improves the discomfort & pain.
So glad I never have to go through that again.
Getting up for the first time was a bit scary & most of it wasn’t painful except for the part where you use you’re legs as a lever to sit up, ouch! It took me 3 slow attempts but after that it was pretty easy. After my BR/BL I was super dizzy the first time I stood up but this time - nothing! Didn’t feel funny at all. So good.
The nurse & physio walked me to the bathroom, had a wash at the basin & walked me back to a chair next to my bed. My legs were too short to sit properly & my muscles were tired from sitting up but I felt amazing. There was no way I was going to lay back in that torture chamber of a bed 🤣🤣🤣 It wasn’t too much later that the genius Dr M came for a visit. His first words were, “Wow, don’t you look good”. ☺️😂 The nurse was instructed to remove my catheter, magic button for Fentanyl & cannula. I am always so happy once they’re gone as I feel so much better after.

I felt good, I was able to take myself to the bathroom & avoided having to go from sitting to laying & vice verse for as long as possible 😂 After sitting for so long, my body was happy to lay down through the night & with the help of Valium & white noise, I slept quite well.

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Day two post op | Pure You Recovery Talk
Two days post op
These photos were the most exhausting pictures I’ve ever taken 😂 I did not realise how hard it was going to be to hold myself up. I was only able to hold this position for a few seconds before having to lean onto something.
Getting up out of bed was so much easier this morning & it didn’t really hurt. The nurses aren’t lying when they say it gets easier each time.

Today I spent the day either in my chair (until 8pm 😂) watching Netflix, doing my deep breathing exercises combined with the physio respiratory exerciser & walking up & down my room - more exhausting than it looks! The only nurse help I needed was disconnecting the leg circulation cuffs in the morning & reconnecting again at bedtime. Another reason why I didn’t want to lay back in bed. I have to wee to often for that 😂

The only struggle I did have was with my left drain. It decided it didn’t want to stay in & all day it very slowly started to slide out. At first it wasn’t a problem but once the holes that are meant to be inside my body made their exit, it started sucking in air & making the weirdest noises. I got good at fixing the suction myself which made the nurse giggle.

I think it may have all been my fault as a vaguely remember bumping the entry of that drain during the night but I also wouldn’t be surprised if my body was helping it along as it’s never liked anything foreign. Another reason why I will never have implants. Good news is that my body had barely anything to drain so it wasn’t an issue.

All that crazy healthy food I cook from scratch, no alcohol or junk food really does make a difference.

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Home time | Pure You Recovery Talk
Home a day early!

My left drain was removed in the middle of last night as it had slide out even further & neither of my drains had collected much fluid at all since day 1 so my right drain was then removed in the following morning. I checked all their boxes & had no drains so home for me I go.

I was really looking forward to seeing my husband & going home to my boys as I wasn’t able to have them visit due to Covid-19 restrictions. Little did I know that home was going to be so hard & all I would want is to go back to hospital!

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Day 4 post op | Pure You Recovery Talk

Getting used to being home amidst Covid

Oh I did not like standing without my binder on. I definitely have a love hate relationship with that thing. I was quite impressed that I didn’t have more visible bruising but the swelling was hard to take. My hernia repair was a really big one & it took me a few days to realise the impact that has had.
Standing is still tough but each day is just a little easier than the day before. I have only had a dose of Mersyndol each morning & night since I got home but it has messed up my bowels really bad. I think it’s the extra ingredient that’s not in Panadeine Forte. I’m going to move to plain Panadol & see how I go.
I cried quite a lot this afternoon. I originally had planned for my husband to stay home for 3 weeks off work to help me & take care of our boys & only do a little work while I rested & the boys were at school. Instead I came home to chaos. My husband was working non stop & over time while I home schooled all 3 boys. No rest for me.
After a good cry I focused on what was good & I am so blessed that I was still able to have surgery & am doing well regardless of circumstances. My family are safe & well.
My heart breaks for all the girls who now have to wait as I know I would have been inconsolable. I worked so hard for so long to be ready for this surgery that my anxious ridden body couldn’t have taken anymore waiting 😘

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Early Comparison Pics | Pure You Recovery Talk

Early comparisons

Top row is D6PO & bottom row is D7PO.
In the early days it’s amazing the difference a day can make.
Each day I wake up just a little less swollen, a little less bent, able to stand to little bit longer & walk a little bit further.
It was a really tough week to get through but tomorrow is the weekend & I’ll finally get some more rest.


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Standing straight | Pure You Recovery Talk

Standing straight at 9 days post op

9DPO - Booya! I’m straight! Shh, don’t tell anyone that I’m cheating. My knee’s are slightly bent but you can’t tell in pj pants. I look straight so that counts, right? 😂😂


Our client wishes to remain anonymous.  💕

Breast lift & reduction - September 2019

Plastic Surgeon - Dr Michael Miroshnik, Sydney.

Tummy tuck, muscle repair, waist tightening, mons lift & hernia repair - March 2020

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