Is this actually me? - a two stage mummy makeover experience part 3

The Morning After Stage 1 | Pure You Recovery Talk

The morning after

This was first thing the following morning. I couldn’t believe it was all done. Amazing! 😍

Coming out of anaesthesia was pretty good. There was a gorgeous young nurse with an awesome Irish accent who was there saying that I was amazing & did so well. She was so sweet & gentle which helped me feel calm & at ease. Severe nausea & vomiting run in the family so Dr Lim had already given me some extra meds to help. I was still a little nauseous but overall it wasn’t too bad. I actually remember the post anesthesia shakes & the ache in my right ankle from the position it was in during surgery to be worse than anything else. I was surprised to wake up in zero pain.
I remember Dr M appearing at the side of my bed while I was still coming too. He had a great big smile & was so excited to tell me how I went & he then pulled down the sheet & said to have a look 😳 Wow! Absolutely amazing! 😍

After he left I started to think about my eldest son who had been away on year 5 camp all week & came home as I was under. I started to get a bit teary which didn’t help with the shakes but the nurses were so gorgeous & spent time talking to me about it.
First night is always the toughest. I dosed in & out all night. It felt like every time I finally fell asleep I was then woken by a nurse to take my obs. I don’t think it was as bad as that but that’s how it felt.
The nurses offered me more pain meds & as I was getting quite uncomfortable & was experiencing sharp pains, I said yes please. This was a mistake. I was given Palexia as I had been given Endone before & hated it. Oh my goodness, the nausea that followed was horrendous. They ended up having to give me nausea medication a couple of times & I ended up so confused I couldn’t tell the difference between pain & nausea which resulted in having more Palexia 🤦🏻‍♀️ I only worked out that this was the problem once the Palexia wore off on my way home.

My hospital stay was a bit rough & the food they gave me was full of ingredients that I couldn’t eat. The nurses were awesome but I was keen to get home.

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Drains out | Pure You Recovery Talk

Drains out!

1DPO - Drains just came out, post op bra is on & I’m ready for my husband to come take me home. Most girls wake up in the post op bra but due to my crazy sensitive skin Dr M requested that it not go on until home time.
I can’t believe that even swollen, bruised, fresh incisions covered in tape that this is the most comfortable I have been since before puberty. Crazy 🤩

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Day 2 post op | Pure You Recovery Talk

Palexia and me = no!

Day 2 post op.  Feeling so much better today! I haven’t had any Palexia since yesterday morning & I feel a million times better. Palexia & I do not go together. It confused me so much & made me so nauseas that it was like my brain processed it as pain. It all feels so much more manageable now I’m just taking Mersyndol. I am in love with my new boobies 😍

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Is this actually me | Pure You Recovery Talk

Is this actually me?

9 days post op.  My mind is still having trouble believing this is me. I feel like that tape is holding them there but it’s not. I’ve never seen that much of my torso. I also look slimmer even with the bloating & swelling. Best decision I’ve ever made 😍

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Our client wishes to remain anonymous.  💕

Breast lift & reduction - September 2019

Plastic Surgeon - Dr Michael Miroshnik, Sydney.

Tummy tuck, muscle repair, waist tightening, mons lift & hernia repair - March 2020

She is 34 years old, is 161cms tall and at the time of her pre op appointment weighed 59kg and at the time of surgery was 55kg.

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