I think I look pretty fantastic - a two stage mummy makeover experience part 7

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 It's tape removal day!

I am really looking forward to removing the mesh tape as I think it’s making me itchy & the very end on my right hip is a bit angry! I’m hoping that I find it easier doing it myself as I can control the speed & hopefully the amount it hurts but I’m also a little bit nervous because at my breast tape removal I went to faint so hard & I’m still a little traumatised 6 months later 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️💆🏻 I’m hoping I don’t feel faint this time because I have been able to see my incision through the mesh so it’s a less of a surprise what I’ll see. Having been through tape removal before, I now know more of what to expect. This time I know the tape will remove the scabs & a bit of my skin with it so the incision might bleed a bit & look quite moist (it’s not nice). I know it will sting a lot & I’m pretty sure I’m going to hate putting my binder back on over the top now it’s not protected 😱

Well in 2 hours we will find out how I went 😳

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Pure You Recovery Talk BlogPure You Recovery Talk Blog

Pure You Recovery Talk BlogPure You Recovery Talk Blog

The real of it all

The tape is off! I did it, I’m so awesome. I did it, I’m so awesome #happy dance 💃🏻🤪😂😂😂Well that went way better than I could have ever imagined 🤯🥳☺️ I had a nice warm shower, laid down in my mountain of pillows & slowly started to peel. Where the mesh was attached to the beginning & end stitch that I didn’t know was there but should have as it was the same with my breasts 🙄 - ouch! Once I got past that, it was pretty easy. No faint feelings at all, none, nada 😅
There were only 2 spots that were a bit gross because as I pulled the tape the larger scabs lifted with it & it was a little gooey. Same as if you have a scab in the shower & it lifts before it’s quite ready 🤢. It dried up in a few minutes. Once I got through peeling it all off, I had to snip the stitch ends flush with my skin. That was easy too 🤗🥳. I am so impressed with how it all went & how healed the incision is. Nothing like my breasts, phew!
I laid in bed for about half an hour before putting on my bamboo singlet with binder over the top. I thought it would rub & hurt but Nope, wrong again. My skin is actually relieved to have the tape & stitch that kept getting caught as the mesh had lifted a little (oops 🤫) removed. I am over the moon right now.
These photos were taken during (laying down is not flattering at all 🤭😂) & immediately afterwards. I just had a sneaky peak & wow, so good. Will post tomorrow to show the difference a day makes.
Another milestone reached & killing it 🤣🥰

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Pure You Recovery Talk BlogPure You Recovery Talk BlogPure You Recovery Talk Blog

18DPO - Extremely Early Days!

So far I think I looking pretty fantastic. I only removed my tapes yesterday so my skin, incision & overall swelling have a lot of calming down to do. It’s still has a Frankenstein look to it. 2.5 weeks is nothing in the whole healing process given it can take up to 12 months to see the absolute final results. This process takes a lot of patience (I’m not a very patient person 💆🏻). It’s definitely easier not rushing the healing period when I can stay in pjs all day. My stupid sensitive skin screamed at me when I tried the other compression garment I was given. The trims that go around my legs gave me a huge deep rash after only 10mins 😭 So I’m stuck wearing my soft bamboo singlet with the support band over the top 😔 Even though the band is driving me crazy, it’s all I want to put on after my shower. It really does help with the swelling & pain.

Pain wise I’m doing well. I still haven’t had any Panadol for about a week. I am finding the less swelling I have, the more tender my tummy is to touch. Swelling is protection so anytime I get sick of it, I try to remember that. The most tender spots are where my incisions & super tight muscles sit over my hip bone & the section below where my bra strap sits. The rest is also tender but only if I touch it without my binder on.
Standing straight is still a conscious effort & by the end of the day, it’s much harder to do 🤪

Hope you are all staying safe & well 💕


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Our client wishes to remain anonymous.  💕

Breast lift & reduction - September 2019

Plastic Surgeon - Dr Michael Miroshnik, Sydney.

Tummy tuck, muscle repair, waist tightening, mons lift & hernia repair - March 2020

She is 34 years old, is 161cms tall and at the time of her pre op appointment weighed 59kg and at the time of surgery was 55kg.

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