Dr M is a genius - a two stage mummy makeover experience part 4

Tapes are off | Pure You Recovery Talk

Two weeks post op - Tapes off day!

These photos were taken as soon as I got back home & had a chance to dry up a bit.

As I have ridiculously sensitive skin to all types of dressings, tapes & bandaids, I was super excited to get them off.
I can’t say I enjoyed the appointment very much. As I expected but much to Nurse Kat’s surprise, my skin really didn’t like having the tapes. Some of my skin adhered to the dressing so peeled off with the tape. It stung a lot, like carpet burn on my breasts. What I wasn’t prepared for was how fresh & moist the incisions are when the tape first comes off. Kat had me sat up in the chair & once the tapes were off, she handed me a mirror so I could look at them while she talked me through the incisions & to show that what is there is all normal.
I was coping quite well until we got to a section that bled a bit more when the tape was removed. I was so shocked by how fresh the incisions were & combine that with the crazy stinging, my body tried to faint & faint hard. Kat saw the moment where I was no longer ok & she jumped into action. She laid me down, put the fan on my face & got me a water. It was awful, my blood pressure dropped so low & my body wanted to faint so bad but couldn’t. I was covered from head to toe in sweat, I don’t thing I’ve ever sweat that much. I was so embarrassed. Nurse Kat was so lovely, gentle & patient. She talked me through the whole process until I recovered. It took so long, I could not believe how hard it hit me. Once I got through it she gave me a couple of chocolates to bring up my blood sugar, mmm.
I gave her back the mirror & said I think it best I not look anymore & will gradually look later once the incisions are dry (like in the photo. Only takes a couple of hours to look less scary😉). She smiled & agreed. She continued to talk me through my incisions without the mirror. She made sure I was 100% before she let me leave.

When my husband showed me this photo I was surprised by how crazy the angle of my larger breast looked but thankfully I’m an over researcher & new this was temporary & would eventually drop into position.

Another milestone reached ☺️

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Healing progress | Pure You Recovery Talk

What a difference two more days healing makes

Here I am 16 DPO, 2 days after the tapes came off. Now you can really start to see how they will eventually look.
Even with the crazy shooting nerve pain, T-Rex arms & post op bra that’s irritating my skin, I’ve never been so comfortable. No more fussy & fidgeting with my clothes. Blows my mind.

Recovery has been quite easy up until this point as my husband has been doing everything but he returns back to work tomorrow so it’s back up to me to wrangle our 3 boys 😬

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Timing is everything | Pure You Recovery Talk

Timing is everything
3WPO - Survived my first week without help. It helped heaps timing my recovery so that when my husband went back to work, it was the start of the school holidays. I can still stay in pjs all day & not worry about getting everyone organised.
The shape has continued to settle & the incisions look a little less scary. The bruising is getting more obvious as it turns a funky colour. Check out those beautiful thin scars forming.
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Combating asymmetry | Pure You Recovery Talk
Combating Asymmetry 

I decided to post this particular photo instead of my more carefully positioned photos as I wanted to show you just how crazy the shape can be before they are healed, especially if you’re like me & were extremely asymmetrical.
The breast that was larger & had more than twice the amount of skin & breast tissue removed compared to the other breast so it’s only natural that it’s going to take longer to settle into a natural position.

I also wanted to show that your natural anatomy will always be the bases of your final result. Dr M had a massive task to make me even & more so as I didn’t want implants. Amazingly he was able to get the projection, drop & nipple positioning symmetrical but what he can’t change is that my larger breast is wider on my chest wall than the other resulting in a longer scar & a slightly wider breast. This causes an illusion that they are more uneven than they actually are. They will look less crazy as the scars fade & they soften & settle into place. It’s not just the girls with implants that take time to see their final results. It can be scary but Dr M is a genius & knows what he’s doing ⭐️

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12 weeks post lift | Pure You Recovery Talk

Stage 1 mummy makeover complete

12 Week Mark! 🎉🤩😍 It was a roller coaster of emotions. I didn’t realise the emotional impact this was all going to have on me. I never thought my tuberous asymmetrical sagging breasts were that much of a big deal for me visually until now they look normal. I was so excited just to be comfortable but I was not prepared for all the other emotions that came too.
Now I feel really good. The crazy nerve pains have mostly gone, the swelling has gone down, the bruising is all gone, the scars are looking really good & the crazy emotions are all back to normal. Happy over the moon in love with my new body. I can now see what the final result will be & I feel great.
I’ve also been able to stop anxious eating from being so uncomfortable that I’ve even lost a couple more kgs.

Dr M is a Genius 🙌🏻

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Dr M is a genius | Pure You Recovery Talk

No longer melting 😍

Oh my goodness!!! What a dramatic change. I no longer look like I’m melting 😉😂 Only 1 month to go until my Tummy Tuck 🎉 It can’t come quick enough!


Our client wishes to remain anonymous.  💕

Breast lift & reduction - September 2019

Plastic Surgeon - Dr Michael Miroshnik 

Tummy tuck, muscle repair, waist tightening, mons lift & hernia repair - March 2020

She is 34 years old, is 161cms tall and at the time of her surgery weighed 59kg.

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