Beginning the new me - a two stage mummy makeover experience part 2

Pre Op Stage 1 Appointment | Pure You Recovery Talk
Pre op Appointment and the morning of surgery

I absolutely loved meeting the man himself. I had done so much research that I didn’t really have many questions but it was awesome to finally see him & go over it all. I went in to the appointment enquiring about getting a TT & BR/BL all in one surgery but after going over my history Dr M wanted me to split my surgeries up to ensure that I get through the surgery safely & heal with the best possible results. He recommended for me to have some tests & see a specialist before making any decisions. I went to my GP & also spoke to my Naturopath about it all & they all said the same as Dr M. Even though I desperately wanted it all done ASAP, I did what was right & booked in for my stage 1 - September 2019. Always listen to Dr M! He knows best.

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Morning of Stage One Surgery | Pure You Recovery Talk

Morning of Surgery!

That was the longest 5 month wait but it was actually super important. I could have booked in sooner but chose to book surgery in the least stressful part of the year for my husband’s work to ensure a less stressful recovery for the both of us. It gave me time to make sure my body was healthy & strong enough to cope with surgery & to not relapse. I lost a further 4kgs so weighed 55kgs to ensure Dr M could remove all my thin saggy skin to leave me with perky teeny tiny boobies.
I poured all my anxiety into cooking massive batches of food for our chest freezer so all we needed to do was reheat food for months 😂

I was so ready for today. I had well & truly had enough of waiting & preparing. My body was shaking all over from anticipation, excitement & anxiety.

Bring it on!

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Our client wishes to remain anonymous.  💕

Breast lift & reduction - September 2019

Plastic Surgeon - Dr Michael Miroshnik, Sydney.

Tummy tuck, muscle repair, waist tightening, mons lift & hernia repair - March 2020

She is 34 years old, is 161cms tall and at the time of her pre op appointment weighed 59kg and at the time of surgery was 55kg.

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