Stratamark Stretchmark Therapy Gel

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With plastic surgery can also come skin stretching.  If you are having a breast augmentation and had little to no breast tissue to begin with, it is likely that stretchmarks may start to form.  Stratamark is the only clinically proven product to make an impact to marks.

Stratamark® is the first registered medical product specifically designed for the prevention and treatment of all types of stretch marks with clinical proven efficacy. Stretch marks affect up to 90% of pregnant women with an average incidence of 65%-75% during pregnancy.

Stratamark dramatically reduces the incidence of stretch marks to 18%. For the treatment of stretch marks, Stratamark significantly reduces the severity, colour, visibility and itching associated with stretch marks. Stratamark can be used in combination with other stretch marks treatments including laser therapy.

Stratamark is suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children and people with sensitive skin.