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Pure You Ice Pack Set (4)

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We are excited to bring you our most sought after product yet - Pure You Ice Packs.  They come in a set of two, perfect when you need one at a time.  

Ice packs are helpful during your recovery for a few reasons.  The most noted being the reduction of swelling, minimising muscle spasms and reducing pain. 

After consultation with hundreds of patients and some of Australia's best surgeons, we have developed an ice pack that you will not want to go without.  

Our Packs freeze quickly and come in sets of two so that you always have one handy.  When you're using one, the other one is in the freezer.  One side is plush so that you will not need to find something to wrap it in.  #genius 

You can also heat them gently in hot water (put them in a waterproof bag first).   (Not in the microwave).  Using them as a heat pack is recommended on those days where your back, neck and shoulder muscles are feeling aches and pains. 

Each of our Recovery Packs contain this set of Pure You Ice packs.   Whether you're a patient or a clinic, you can now purchase the Ice Packs directly.

If you have had fat grafting you will not be able to ice your breasts after surgery.  You may use ice for the harvest area only.


Outer cover - PVC

Contents - 70% water, 25% glycerin 5% sodium polycrylate

Band - Rubber

Lining - Polyester



Do not leave in freezer for extended periods of time.

Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated.

Do not use in microwave.