Re. Girls x Pure You

Pure You Packages for Re.Girls.

 Bringing you continuity of care

We are excited to offer special packages for patients of Dr Richard Bloom and Dr Kim Taylor of Re. Plastic Surgery in Melbourne.  Although we are in no way affiliated with Re. we are honoured to work alongside them in providing support for their patients, affectionately known as Re.Girls.  You can expect the same level of care and support that you receive as a patient of Re. Plastic Surgery when you book in with Pure You.  

We have created some amazing packages that we know will provide you with the post op support you are looking for.  Whether you are travelling interstate or intrastate for your surgery with Re, or you are local to Melbourne, there are a number of ways we can support you. 

Breast Surgery Packages

Pure You x Re. Girls Breast Surgery Packages 

Mummy Makeover Packages

Body Contouring Surgery Packages | Pure You x Re. Girls

Post Op Refresh Packages

Post Op Pampering Services