2020 Australia Fires Appeal

Our 2020 Fires Appeal Tally


Our final tally for our Bushfire Relief efforts


😱 I'm speechless. 😚 Thank you to everyone who made this possible. What an amazing community effort! 👏 Although our structured donations have finished, I'll be ensuring I continue to support affected towns by way of @emptyesky which is something we always do when we travel, but we'll do it more this year. 🍊🥦 Another way you can support affected communities is by @spendwiththem 🛍 Please consider continuing to donate to organisations who are at the forefront of getting fire affected communities, habitats and wildlife back on track. It's a long road to recovery, years not months. ❤

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Australia Burns @dale_appleton


Australia is on fire

How can we help?

In response to @lisamessenger's call to action, we are donating a % of all sales of  recovery packs, aftercare items and concierge services to help the efforts of @foodbankaus and will be sending much needed toiletries items for the victims of the fires.  We have also partnered with Love Her Wild who are generously donating 100% of their sales throughout the entire month of January to the cause.  They have also significantly reduced prices across their entire store in the hope to entice you all to buy as much as you can, so that we can donate as much as we can.  You read that correctly, 100% of their sales will be used to purchase toiletries for hampers being sent directly to the fire victims. ♡

If you don't need to make a purchase, we are also taking donations directly to help the efforts, please use the below link or contact us for bank details. PayPal Me

I have been scrolling through social media, horrified at all the devastation.  It's time for action, immediate action.  Please help raise as much as we can to give much needed necessities to those who have lost everything.

[UPDATED 9th January]



As I scroll through Insta, my heart aches for the loss of wildlife. I saw a video yesterday of a koala being rescued and it absolutely broke my heart. If you manage to come across one, keep your sound muted. I donated to the NSW organisation for Wildlife rescue (WIRES) over the weekend. They have raised $10 million which is absolutely EPIC! Yesterday, I read that the same type of organisation in Victoria, Wildlife Victoria is nowhere near that amount. Victoria is set to lose as many wildlife, if not more. They need all the help they can get. Please consider a donation, anything is wanted - no matter what the amount. It all adds up. xo

You can also donate directly to Wildlife Victoria here;


Here are some other useful links if you wish to donate to other causes.













and of course the phenomenal donation effort by Celeste Barber

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My call to action! 🔥 💔 So heartbroken to watch this all unfold at what is supposed to be one of the best times of the year in our beautiful country. 50% of all sales of #drmgirl merchandise on the Pure You website will be donated to @foodbankaus in the form of toiletries hampers. 💕 And even more amazing, 100% of all sales on www.loveherwild.com.au will be donated. Yes, that's 100%, prices have been drastically reduced. 🛍 Thank you for your inspiration @lisamessenger ❤ A % of all sales in January via www.pureyou.com.au will be donated as well, the % for sales across @pureyouconcierge is still to be determined as some accommodation providers place restrictions on donations. #nswfires #vicfires #australiaburns #bushfiresaustralia

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