Um, I had what surgery?

What happens when you get a procedure you hadn't asked for?

When we started this podcast, we wanted to bring you the good the bad and the ugly of plastic surgery recovery. This episode is kind of sitting between the bad and the ugly. All I want to say about it is that it's in the not so cool bucket.

So what happens when you wake up from surgery and you haven't had the procedure you asked for? In fact you have had the one procedure you told your surgeon you were adamant you did not want. Today we meet Nic. Like many others, Nic gained weight during her pregnancies and after years of pain and discomfort and of not liking how her body was left, she started researching some solutions to address her excess skin, chronic back pain and muscle separation. After being told that non invasive treatments weren't going to cut it for her, Nic chose to have a tummy tuck and she sought out a fully accredited plastic surgeon (that's important to note). But...she didn't wake up from her surgery like many of us do - excited to see our results and start enjoying our new bodies. She woke up and realised her surgeon had performed the one surgery she'd specifically requested not to have. And how did she find out? Well, that you're about to hear.

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