There's Nothing Basic About Compression

Getting sciency with Exquisite Bodies

In this episode, we chat our very own post op compression expert - Heather from Exquisite Bodies.  EB are the leader in post op compressions garment supply and it's who we, and possibly most of your surgeons get some of their garments from.  While it might sound all medical and a little technical, it's really important to understand just what a post op compression bra or garment can do to aide your healing.

We'll learn the science behind compression, what to look out for, how to size yourself and why a basic bra just won't cut it for your recovery.  We'll also discuss silicon based scar therapies, because we know how important the lack of scar appearance is to everyone.   

So get your sciency ears on and come with us as we explore the world of post op compression and scars.

If you are looking for post op compression, you can find it in our post surgery shop here.  We will be expanding our range from Exquisite Bodies so let us know what garments or scar therapies you are seeking and we will add it as a priority.

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