Paige on Surgery Eve

Paige's Mumcation - episode 1

We are excited to bring you a serious of real time episodes featuring Paige.  Paige is 26 years old and a mum of two. She recently lost 60 kilos through diet and exercise and found herself with a body that she no longer recognised.  Paige contacted Dr Kim Taylor at Re. Plastic Surgery to see what could be done to give her back her mojo.

Paige will be having a lower body lift and a breast reduction with lift.  

In this second installment, both Bianca and Heidi catch up with Paige on the eve of her surgery.  What is she doing to prepare, how is she feeling?  From pre surgery isolation to smashing the Movicol.  Paige is having a lower body lift and a breast reduction and lift - TOMORROW!  And we couldn't be happier for her.

Paige is being supported through her recovery by Pure You.  

The Netflix show we reference in this episode is Skin Decision.

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