Let's Get Emotional - Part One

Ups, downs and a pandemic!

This is part one of a two part episode talking to a post op mummy makeover patient about the emotional rollercoaster she rode during her recovery.  Sarah is on the journey of rediscovering herself after having her three boys, the eldest who is now 7.  While Sarah enjoyed textbook pregnancies, her body came out of it a little broken.  So much so that even her obstetrician asked her politely to maybe not have another baby after her third and what did end up being her last.  Sarah spent years making peace with her mumbod and built herself a really strong, internal confidence.  She worked hard to be a healthy, happy mum but would always question why what she saw in the mirror never matched how she felt about herself.  Sarah talks to us about how she made her surgery decision and the subsequent emotional rollercoaster that she then rode.  

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